Yoga & Cycling - The Perfect Combination

As an avid cyclist, climber and yoga teacher I know firsthand how yoga can sit alongside so many other sports.

Cycling gets our heart rate up, gets us outside and shows us amazing views of the country we are in. But after long rides in particular, our quads, thighs and hips (among other parts of our bodies) tend to get a bit stiff from all the power they’ve been putting through the pedals.

After every long ride I get back home and practice yoga, stretching my body back out again.

My muscle recovery is much quicker and stiffness doesn’t set in, leaving my joints smooth and muscles (relatively) pain and fatigue free.

Poses specific to stretching and strengthening the legs and hips help keep the muscles working so they don’t fatigue. It gives them a chance to slowly cool down, developing strength in different ways and allowing the muscles to loosen.

Each person will have a different balance of calm and activity in their personality. Many people who cycle have a balance leaning more towards being active, alert and outgoing, but forget to appease the calm side of their personality.

Much like yin and yang we each have both in fluctuating balance every day, so it is important to attempt to balance them out.

Taking time to slow down, giving ourselves pe