Winter Training With Zwift

Training through the winter? Here’s something to consider...

Zwift is an online cycling computer game which allows you to train and compete with cyclists from around the world in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want a casual or group ride with your friends. Zwift also has many workouts for you to choose from to help improve your fitness and if your feeling competitive you can also compete is races choosing a category which suits your cycling abilities. There are 3 virtual worlds - Watopia a bespoke land which allows you to climb a mountain, cycle through a volcano and ride under the ocean through glass tunnels. London - ride through the streets seeing all the landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and even ride over Tower Bridge. You can even ride up the famous Box Hill which is great training for the real thing. Richmond - a reasonably flat world where you can really pick up some speed and get those miles in. As you level up you’ll unlock new bikes, wheels and accessories along the way.

What do you need and how much will it cost?

Ideally you should already have these items - a bike, cycling shoes, PC/Mac Desktop/Laptop with built-in Bluetooth and/or a iPad, iPhone or Apple TV 2. So all you need is a Interactive Smart Turbo Trainer starting from around 200 pounds, Heart Rate Monitor (around 35 pounds), Ant+ USB Stick (around 15 pounds) sweat mat (around 20 pounds) and a decent fan to keep you cool. There are two types of

Smart Turbo Trainers, first at the lower end - tyre driven trainers where you’ll also require a trainer tyre (around 30 pounds) and preferably a spare wheel. I recommend the Tacx Flow. The second is a direct drive turbo trainer, you simply link up your chain with it rather than your back wheel. Due to the price (from around 900 pounds) I would recommend this if you have used Zwift before and have a permanent space for it e.g. spare room or garage.

Zwift are currently offering a 7 day trial and will then also charge a monthly subscription fee which unfortunately has recently risen to 12.99 a month. No contract is required so you can cancel at anytime you wish.

It’s easy to setup and we already have around 15 BCG members who use Zwift regularly who would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Once your all setup we have our own Facebook group please join and keep up to date with any organised virtual group rides.

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