Winter Is Here

I am sad to say that most of us have had to put the shorts away and get the bib tights out, which sadly means that winter is here!

Winter cycling doesn’t have to be all bad, it can be a great time to train. It is that time of year when you can lay your fitness down ready for next year, whether that is social riding, or maybe some racing. No matter what your focus is winter miles can really help!

Your body has to work hard in the winter to get and keep your muscles warm so you need to make sure that you fuel your body right and allow time for your body to recover.

On the down side, as BCG has unfortunately seen in the winter the poorer road conditions, the lower sun and the beatings that our bikes take can mean that accidents can happen. So whether you are riding on your own make sure you and your bike is ready for the winter. The questions you should be asking yourself are have I got the right kit on, is my bike ready for this weather, especially my brakes and tyres.

There are plenty of resources out there to help ensure you are ready for the winter. There is a great blog and some videos from Cycling Weekly which can be found here.

So don’t let the cold put you off, get those bike out and hit the roads just make sure you are ready and ride safe. If you have any top tips for anyone then please share them around.

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