Route Planning Tips

Here are some tops tips which should help if you are thinking about planning a cycle ride. You can find a list of all the BCG pre-ridden and approved routes here.

Where can I cycle? - The Highway Code allows you to cycle on all public roads apart from motorways. You may also ride on designated Cycle Tracks and Cycle Lanes. Some By-Ways and even Bridleways may also be suitable. You must not ride on the pavement or designated footpaths.

General guidelines - Although you’re allowed on all roads apart from motorways, there are many roads that should be avoided. This advice particularly applies to hilly or undulating main roads where your speed will be significantly lower than other traffic and you may be obscured by the crests and dips in the road.

Roads with numerous junctions and traffic lights can be frustrating to train on and make holding a consistent pace difficult. If you are riding laps, riding in an anti-clockwise direction, so you are predominately making left turns at junctions, is a good idea.

Try to avoid roads that regularly have cars double parked. Especially in residential areas children or animals can suddenly run out and you can end up with very little room or time to take evasive action. You can easily be forced into the path of oncoming traffic or you can suddenly find a car door opening in front of you.

Although excellent for recreational riding, shared Cycle Tracks are not suitable or safe for faster paced training. Pedestrians will not be expecting fast moving cyclists, and hazards such as dog leads across the track make them potentially dangerous for you and other users.

Different routes for different sessions – Decide what sort of ride you want. It might be an easy flat route, a hilly route to test your stamina or an off road route to avoid the traffic. Consider the ability of those you are riding with when making your choice.

Consider the weather and terrain – You may have a time consideration to think about. Fifty miles of flat riding will take a lot less time than the same distance in the hills. It can be hard if y