Incident & Pot Hole Reporting

Updated: Apr 21

How to report an accident

We are sorry to hear that you or another rider have been involved in an accident on a BCG ride. At BCG the health and safety of our riders is extremely important to us, please fill in the easy online form so we can log the incident. Please do also advise your category manager of the accident or incident. This will help us understand whether there is anything we can do to support you or change to prevent further accidents. This information will be sent to our Health and Safety Officer for evaluation, you may be contacted by them to see if there is anything BCG can do to help your recovery and whether we need further information.

Report Accident Here

How to report a road incident

At BCG safety is extremely important to us. If you or another rider on any BCG ride has been subject to a near collision or have experienced any kind of abuse from a motorist please report it to the police using the links below. Take note of the road name the incident occurred and if you managed to get their registration number this would also be very useful. It is extremely important that this information is recorded to build road safety awareness, if the police are not notified they will believe there isn't any threat to our riders on our roads. The more the police know there is an issue they will act accordingly.

Click the links below to report to the corresponding police service:

Thames Valley Police

Bedfordshire Police

How to report a pothole

At BCG the safety of our riders is extremely important to us, we appreciate your support in helping us keep each other safe. If you are out on a ride and come across a pothole you feel needs reporting, take note of the location of the pothole(s) safely. When you return home please report the pothole(s) to the relevant council and help make our rides as safe as possible.

Click the links below to report a pothole in the corresponding councils:

Milton Keynes




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