If I Collapse, Can Someone Pause My Strava

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

As we rack up the miles and spend more time on the roads, inevitably we are going to encounter incidents when someone has a crash, so....what should we do?

Firstly get yourself to a safe place and stop, count slowly to ten and look at / listen to what is happening around you - Check for DANGER and make the area safe.

This can mean a number of things including:

  • Getting you & others not injured off the road

  • Asking bystanders to warn oncoming traffic (in both directions) to slow down as there has been an incident

  • Moving bikes etc off the road

Help any first aider with any assistance they require. They will be checking injured people for consciousness, breathing, shock, broken bones, bleeds etc. Your help and assistance may be needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Try and keep any casualties still.