If I Collapse, Can Someone Pause My Strava

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

As we rack up the miles and spend more time on the roads, inevitably we are going to encounter incidents when someone has a crash, so....what should we do?

Firstly get yourself to a safe place and stop, count slowly to ten and look at / listen to what is happening around you - Check for DANGER and make the area safe.

This can mean a number of things including:

  • Getting you & others not injured off the road

  • Asking bystanders to warn oncoming traffic (in both directions) to slow down as there has been an incident

  • Moving bikes etc off the road

Help any first aider with any assistance they require. They will be checking injured people for consciousness, breathing, shock, broken bones, bleeds etc. Your help and assistance may be needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Try and keep any casualties still.

The temptation for injured people & well intentioned bystanders may be to move and wriggle to see if they are injured. In the immediate aftermath of an incident, adrenaline may be masking any injuries. Keep them still and treat them for shock by keeping them calm, warm and reassuring them. Do not give a possibly injured person anything to eat or drink.

Things to think about:

  • Should the injured person be going to A&E or seeking medical attention? (Are they in a condition to decide, or should you be deciding for them?)

  • If any doubt at all phone 999 and someone skilled and not emotionally involved will help decide. Genuine requests even if ultimately unnecessary will not cause you trouble.

  • Does the injured person’s next of kin need to be informed? (Facebook or Twitter isn't how you want find out a loved one or close friend one got hurt? so please refrain from posting accidents on social media)

  • If they don’t need a trip to A&E, are they fit to cycle and is their bike & helmet safe to use?

  • If they decide to cut their ride short, is it wise to leave them or let them cycle home alone?

  • Do you know exactly where you are and when the incident happened? If so write it down before you get confused.

  • Do details need to be exchanged between those involved?

  • Do the police need to be notified?

  • Are there any other witnesses whose details need to be obtained?

  • Do photos of the scene need to be taken?

  • If you are on a club ride agree who is going to write down what happened and promptly inform Cat Manager or H&S officer.

Our Committee Health & Safety Officer Ann Shrimpton is working an operating procedure for when unfortunate accidents occur and she will share more on this in the near future. In the mean time if you or someone on a ride with you is involved in an accident then please report this to Ann.

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