How To Create Goals For A Successful Season

The good news is that we are well practiced at setting goals, in fact, our lives are run by the goals we set every day.

These goals give us direction and purpose and motivate us to strive to improve our current positions. We set goals and sub-goals concerning every aspect of our lives often without even realizing it.

So, we already know about goals, all we need to do is break down the process and apply it to our sport and training.

Having a goal is one thing, but having a goal and a structured plan to achieve it is much better.

In sport, the primary reason we set goals is to provide focus and to motivate us to train to achieve a higher level of performance, therefore giving our training purpose.

Set SMART Goals

It’s often said that all goals should be “SMART”. This well-known acronym comes in several slightly different variations and below is the most relevant to the process of improving your cycling performance.

  • S: Specific

  • Make a statement and be specific, write down the details of what exactly it is that you want to do, how far, how fast, when and so on, get this right and the rest will fall into place.

  • M: Measurable

  • Specific goals will always be capable of measurement and if it’s not measurable try again as it will not work as a goal.

  • A: Adjustable

  • In life circumstances change and as a result plans and goals must at times be adjusted. You could find yourself ahead of the curve or behind it, so at times you may need to raise or lower your expectations within a set time frame.

  • R: Realistic

  • goals are those that can be reached in measured and sensible steps from your current position within a sensible time frame.

  • T: Time-based

  • Work within a sensible time frame, goals cannot be open-ended.