Group Riding Hints & Tips

If you are new to riding in a group or leading a bubble group for the first time, here are some handy hints and tips to consider:

1. To start with, make sure you are familiar with the latest British Cycling guidance on group riding. This will describe how many people can ride together in a group and the social distancing measures required. Keep checking as it changes frequently.

2. Plan your routes in advance and consider roads which are safer to cycle on (avoid busy A roads and dual carriageways where you can). BCG website has many suggested routes for you to try.

3. If you are planning a café stop, check to see what social distance measures are in place at that stop before to set off. BCG Website has a list of cycle friendly cafes.

4. Keep within rider’s ability, adjust the pace accordingly.

5. Make sure bikes are in a good state of repair and mechanically sound. Click here for more info on a bike ‘M’ check.

6. Think ahead about what you’ll do if you get a puncture or mechanical bike issue. Are you able to fix it or how would you get home? Taking a saddle bag with spare inner tube and tools is one thing, actually being about to fix it yourself is another. Check out his video which shows you how.

7. Also in the event of an accident, consider what you will you do and how will you get home or get medical attention.

8. Remember to take a drink, snacks or energy gels as required.

9. Think about your safety equipment (helmet, bright colours, lights, gloves, etc.).

10. At the start of the ride talk through the route and any known challenges with your fellow riders so they know what to expect. Ask if anyone has any signs of Covid and to remove themselves from the ride if that is the case. Remind riders of the latest social distance guidance, this include safe distances and not sharing any equipment.

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