Getting To Know Your Committee

Who are you?

Rick Vernon

What is your cycling experience?

I've done stunt BMX riding in my younger days, I enjoy mountain biking, redway riding but my passion lies in the road bike scene where you will see mostly riding in the A Category.

Why did you start cycling?

I've always cycled since I was young but nowadays I love the community spirit, great friendships and keeping fit to go further and faster.

What role do you play on the BCG committee?

I co-founded BCG alongside Gary Stimson and currently sit as Vice Chairman on the committee.

What have you achieved since joining the committee and what else do you want to do?

"In the beginning BCG was run by just Gary and I. It was soon apparent that the speed of growth of BCG meant that we needed more great volunteers to form the committee so we could share the workload and achieve more.

I'm extremely proud of all the volunteers (committee, ride managers, ride leaders) who make this a success. Listening to what are riders want and adapting to the fast growing needs of riders has been key.

Every year we try new things and was extremely proud of our first ever sportive this year.

My vision for the future is to continue to build our Group further and continue to take inspiration from our riders success and achievement stories."