Getting To Know Your Committe

Who are you?

Andrea Beddall

What is your cycling experience?

Cat C+ host, hosting rides of various distances. Taking part in numerous sportives but my most memorable is the 100 London Prudential as well as hosting my very own 100 for the Cat C+ .I host redway rides during the winter seasons, and participated as events organiser for the BCG 50 sportive.

Why did you start cycling?

I learned to ride from a young age, and in honesty began cycling for my health. Most exercises that I participated in often resulted in injuries, however cycling is the only sport that has improved my health in every way . I enjoy the freedom and socialising which encouraged me to do it more.

What role do you play on the BCG committee?

I am the social events organiser.

What have you achieved since joining the BCG committee and what else do you want to do?

I started out as a casual rider getting use to my bike, then as I become more comfortable I began to host a Cat C which progressed to a Cat C+ as I improved I helped others improve with me. I love the team work that my group has and have every patience with people as I was once in their position. I had the privilege to participate in the organisation of BCG sportive and also London to Milton Keynes. I have learned more about cycling in the last few years being apart of this group, and it feels like another family to me. I hold responsibility of organising the social events eg Xmas party and love how popular it is becoming. I hope to stay apart of the committee for as long as I can.

Any other information about you that BCG memebers may want to know?

Always stay apart of a team, help and encourage one another, we are not solo cyclists we are a group.

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