Getting Started

Bike – Any bike in roadworthy condition will be fine. Red way routes take on a bit of light off road so it is recommended to use a mountain bike/hybrid/cyclocross bike although road

bikes can be used. A road bike is recommended for the road rides and a mountain bike is recommended for the off road routes. It is worth investing in a comfortable saddle. It may take a few weeks to get ‘contoured’ into a saddle when you first start!

Bike Equipment – It is recommended that you take the following with you:

  • Saddle bag or small back pack to keep your equipment in

  • Spare inner tube(s)

  • Puncture repair kit including tyre levers

  • Cycle pump

  • Water bottle

  • Lights for night rides (speak to existing riders who can recommend which type to go for)

  • Consider energy drinks/snack bars to keep you going

  • For wet rides use clear sealable plastic bags to keep phones & money dry

  • Bell – very useful for warning pedestrians you are approaching

Clothing – You can wear whatever you are comfortable riding in. A cycle helmet must be worn. Consider the following recommendations:

  • Padded cycle shorts/trousers – nothing worse than a sore backside!

  • Riding glasses to protect your eyes from flies, dirt etc

  • Cycle gloves – provides extra padding on the hands when riding, keeps your hands warm and protects from overhanging branches. Talking from experience, they also protects when you fall off!

  • Footwear – again whatever your comfortable in, some wear trainers others have invested in cycle shoes which clip into the pedals

  • Cycle jersey and jackets – Your preference but keep yourself warm in the winter with layers and cool in the summer with t-shirt of cycle jersey. A cycle jacket is recommended for those wet or windy rides. You may also like to consider reflective tops for the night time rides.

Strava App – Although not necessary, if you have a smartphone, you can download the free app called Strava. This tracks your ride via GPS and provides you with the route you took and the time it took to complete it. Throughout our routes we pass through ‘Strava points’.

These are fixed distances on the route, such as the uphill section by the Peace Pagoda on Willen Lake, where you time is recorded and you are automatically entered into a league with all other cyclists who have completed that section. You can use this to get your own personal records to improve your performance and track your progress. One of the group can show you how this works, it is a great motivator to get you fitter.

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