Get To Know Your Committee

Iain Morrison

With the group growing rapidly we want to ensure that you all know who is on the committee and what they are doing for you and BCG. This month we have an introduction from Iain our events coordinator.

Who are you?

Iain John Morrison

What is your cycling experience?

Family rides, group rides with BCG and the occasional sportive

Why did you start cycling?

I learnt to ride when I was 6 on a Red and Gold Raleigh Burner (apparenty they worth quite a bit now!). Apart from family rides growing up, I started cycling with a purpose in September 2014 and joined BCG in October 2014 on Lou's Wednesday Night Redway ride.

What role do you play on the BCG committee?

I'm the club secretary and event's organiser.

What have you achieved since joining the committee and what else do you want to do?

I was on the committee from the first day it was formed. Together with the original members of the committee I've been part of a team that has shaped and nurtured the club into what it is today. My biggest and best achievement was the organisation of our first (of many!) sportive. The success of it blew me away and I can't wait to organise the next one!

Any other information that BCG members may want to know?

I don't believe in n+1 bikes. I believe in riding the bike you have and enjoying the hell out of it!

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