Friendly Riding With BCG

With only 10 days left before the club recommences our adhoc, official and bubble riding, we thought it was a great time to remind everyone about how to ride with BCG and explain the few changes we have put in place.

Friendliness is at the heart of BCG, so we ask all riders and leaders to remember a few simple things when organising or signing up for rides:

Ride descriptions in meetup will always be open and honest

  • Ride titles will include distance speed, distance, climbing, all categories the ride is suitable for, where it’s going and other useful information

  • This means riders can assess which rides they are comfortable with and brings some flexibility into the boundaries of the categories as a shorter ride may be faster than the old category limits Example description: 30 miles, 13-15mph, 800ft, C+ and above, Salcey forest with cafe stop

  • Where possible the ride leader will include a link to the route in the ride description that riders should download to their own bike computers or phone apps if they have one

Only sign up for rides you know you want to do out of respect to other riders

  • Please don’t sign up for 2 rides to give yourself options

  • If you do then you should expect to hear from one of the leaders to ask which ride you’d like to drop off

  • Don’t sign up until you know your diary is free

  • Ride places are for those who have made firm plans to go

  • If you do have to drop off a ride please do it as soon as you know and let the leader know why

  • If a leader does feel that you regularly drop off they may move you to the waitlist

  • If they do you’ll be advised when they do it and why they have moved you

Getting out with your BCG friends when official ‘led’ rides are full

Even before COVID there were times when we had more riders than spaces. We know many leaders are looking to put on rides as soon as possible but others are more cautious due to COVID and we ask you to respect the views of