Friendly Riding With BCG

With only 10 days left before the club recommences our adhoc, official and bubble riding, we thought it was a great time to remind everyone about how to ride with BCG and explain the few changes we have put in place.

Friendliness is at the heart of BCG, so we ask all riders and leaders to remember a few simple things when organising or signing up for rides:

Ride descriptions in meetup will always be open and honest

  • Ride titles will include distance speed, distance, climbing, all categories the ride is suitable for, where it’s going and other useful information

  • This means riders can assess which rides they are comfortable with and brings some flexibility into the boundaries of the categories as a shorter ride may be faster than the old category limits Example description: 30 miles, 13-15mph, 800ft, C+ and above, Salcey forest with cafe stop

  • Where possible the ride leader will include a link to the route in the ride description that riders should download to their own bike computers or phone apps if they have one

Only sign up for rides you know you want to do out of respect to other riders

  • Please don’t sign up for 2 rides to give yourself options

  • If you do then you should expect to hear from one of the leaders to ask which ride you’d like to drop off

  • Don’t sign up until you know your diary is free

  • Ride places are for those who have made firm plans to go

  • If you do have to drop off a ride please do it as soon as you know and let the leader know why

  • If a leader does feel that you regularly drop off they may move you to the waitlist

  • If they do you’ll be advised when they do it and why they have moved you

Getting out with your BCG friends when official ‘led’ rides are full

Even before COVID there were times when we had more riders than spaces. We know many leaders are looking to put on rides as soon as possible but others are more cautious due to COVID and we ask you to respect the views of others. Don’t forget all our leaders are volunteers and may just want to ride in an ad-hoc group of trusted friends sometimes.

  • Members riding together in ad-hoc rides is encouraged and will be covered by BCG insurance

  • You can reach out through Facebook or the BCG Bubbles page on the website to find other riders at any time, rather than relying solely on led rides

  • Even if a led ride on Meetup is full, please join the waitlist. You may get a place if riders drop

  • You can also get in touch with others on the waitlist and ride as an ad hoc group

  • You can ride the same route, ride one you know or find one on bcgmk.com

  • If you do use the same route as others please leave a 5 minute gap and ride safely

  • Based on demand we’re looking at other ways to get out on rides. News will follow….

General etiquette on BCG rides - led or ad hoc

  • British Cycling guidelines now allow groups of up to 15 to cycle, however initially BCG would like to limit all rides to a maximum size of 6. We’ll review this after 2 months.

  • This will help us all get used to cycling safely in groups again

  • We also think this will help motorists while they get used to groups of cyclists on the road again

  • Whilst BCG is famous for ‘never leaving anyone behind’ you should be prepared to find your own way home

  • There may be more situations when you decide you need to find your own way home

  • Being confident you know the route or having it downloaded on your computer or phone is important

  • Never start any type of ride unless you know who you’d get in touch with to pick you up in case of an emergency

  • It’s ultimately your responsibility to know who to call in an emergency (including mechanicals) and make sure others know who that is too

  • Whenever you’re out on your bike don’t forget you’re representing cyclists and BCG. So please ride in line within the law and spirit of the highway code.

  • We don’t want BCGers being the ones who give cyclists a bad name

And last but not least - please follow all COVID guidelines laid out by the government and British Cycling at all times including deciding if you are fit to ride and how you mix / behave at stops . You should also read the COVID 19 information on bcgmk.com.

Looking forward to seeing you all out on the road very soon!

Gary, Rick and the Committee

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