Committee News - October 2018

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Hi members, here is a quick update on the key things the committee discussed at the October Meeting:

New Treasurer Appointed

We have co-opted a new Treasurer Anna Zyza onto the committee starting in November. Anna is an accountant by trade and rides with us in the Cat C, C+ and Redway categories. Welcome on board Anna.

Stepping Up “I want to try the next category but it’s a bit daunting”

It has been great to see so many riders improve this year with many increasing their ride speed. Stepping up a category can be quite daunting where you potentially leave your regular riding buddies to join a new set of riders, you’ll be worried about keeping up or slowing a group down. Don’t worry BCG recognises this doesn’t come easily and we actively encourage you to give it a go. So, to start with have a chat with your fellow riders, you may find there is someone willing to give it a try with you. Then chat with your Ride Leader. They can talk to the Category Manager and create a Step-Up ride. Step Up rides have a blend of regular riders and upcoming riders and should be set to a lower end speed within the Category you are joining. They may also be a shorter distance and the aim is for you to give it a try to see how you get on. From then on chat with the Ride Leaders to tailor similar rides, it will take a few rides to get used to the pace. Out motto is ‘Never leave anyone behind’ so don’t worry about slowing a group down or not keeping up, that is the purpose of a Step-Up ride to let you have a go. You’ll find as we head into Winter the pace of rides and distances tend to slow a little due to the poor road condition and cold weather so it might be a great opportunity to give it a whirl now so you are ready to hit the Spring in good shape.

Winter Riding

Look out for Winter riding top tip and guidance coming soon. BCG has a rule that no official rides go out if the temperature drops below zero degrees. We’d rather not risk riders slipping off on ice. Should riders want to ride anyway, rides can be set up via Facebook as unofficial rides which mean you ride together but as these are not official BCG rides you will not be covered on our insurance. As it gets colder just keep a close eye on Meet Up events for updates or cancellations. It is also this time of year when Mud Guards start appearing. BCG does not insist they are used but if you pop a set on your bike your riding buddies will love you forever as they don’t come back covered in mud splats and spray. Finally, you may see more off-road events such as Category X Rides (mix of on and off road suitable for Gravel/Cyclocross bikes) or Cyclone mountain bike events too. They can be a fun alternative to road cycling throughout the Winter.

Rider Training

We discussed rider training, particularly for riders new to group riding. This will be an aim for next year as we evaluate and move forward in this space. Intro rides and Flourish have been successful and we are looking to see how we improve this further to keep our riders safer.

Ride Survey Coming Soon

We discussed a rider survey to understand how well BCG is performing and how you are finding the group. Watch this space and we look into this a little deeper and get something set up. This will probably tie in with next year’s planning to make sure we are strongly set up to develop BCG 2019 season.

250 Meet Ups

Christina Williams has clocked up an impressive 250 Meet Up event attended which is quite remarkable.

Website Updates

The website and social media channels are performing well and we are making a couple of changes to add the Category Managers to the site so you know who they are and also changing the membership payment module to improve the payment experience. Coming soon there will be a generic Ride Risk Assessment added to the Ride Leader section to help with H&S ride planning.

Attracting New Riders

We are looking to identify and encourage new riders by reaching out to new Meet Up members who have not ridden with us. It may be that they need a bit of encourage to join their first ride.

Meet Up Cleanse

We will do the next clear down of Meet Up members who have not visited our Meet Up site or ridden with us for over 1 year.

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