BCG Awards Night 2019

The top prize of the night, our Chairman's Award, sponsored by Trek, was presented to a true super star, Ann Shrimpton. Well there loads of people who were worthy of such an award however only one person can be selected.

The 2019 Greatest Achievement goes to Emma Small. Emma is also a rider who has progressed loads this year with her personal fitness. She's cycling, running, swimming and also competed in Triathalons. She did amazingly well at the Lanzarote training camp and not only that, supports the Committee & Andrea Beddall putting on social events for everyone. Emma could not be there on the night but we loved her video acceptance speech, she looked so nervous but raised huge round of applause. Well Done Emma.

The Greatest Contribution award goes to Lynn Jago. Lynn's journey with BCG began on the Flourish programme. She got the cycling bug and she went from strength to strength. She amazed us all by completing her first 100 miler just months after starting cycling and had gone on to complete her Ride Leader training and is now leading rides for us most weeks. She has a great way of nuturing new riders into cycling. She said that many new riders were expecting a skin suit wearing super fit ride leader when they turned up and were pleasanty surprised when they met Lynn! There's load more to say about Lynn but I'll leave you to add your comments below. Don't blush too much Lynn, well deserved.

Cat A Rider's Rider goes to Majanka, she stormed the voting and actually got the most votes overall. So many riders recognised her achievement and progression through the categories to A Category. The words Inspirational, ambassador, dedicated, awesome, progression were all used to her nominations. Top job.

Cat B+ Rider's Rider goes to Norman Jones. Voting was close in this category with John Barnes, Liv and Majanka also picking up votes. Words describing Norman include: consistent, fittest pensioner, never moans, helpful, kind, amazing, mechanic, sprinter, hill climber and respect. Nice one Norman

Cat B Rider's Rider was awarded to Debbie Vanner. Another close vote with David Packard, Mel Taylor, Simon Graham, Stephen Howe and Steve Froud all picking up votes. Debbie's voters recognise her for always going out of her way to support others, she's inspirational, a wonderful leader, encouraging, World Champs Ironman, committed, determined, and helpful. Well done Debs

Cat C+ Rider's Rider was collected by Fran Hayes. Lots of nomination in this category with JIm Eastment, Christina Williams, Ruth Appleton, Chris Shirley, Emma Small, Lynn Jago, Chris Ford, Peter Tull & Andrea Beddall all picking up votes. Fran goes above and beyond in supporting and guiding riders, he has extraordinary enthusiasm, he's probably mended and serviced more bikes than anyone else, he's extremely supportive as a ride leader and always looking to help the group. High Five Fran .

Cat C Rider's Rider went to the lovely Lynn Jago. There was 18 votes in Cat C with Jim Eastment, Winny Bonja, Patience Clottey and Anna Zyza all being voted for too. Lynn started on Flourish and with a short space of time has ridden 100 miler, progressed to Ride Leader and is coaching new riders. Here's a few words from the voters describing Lynn: Dedicated, Fun, Lovely, Embodiment of BCG, Passion, Motivational, Goes the extra mile, Coach, Encouraging, Inspirational, Amazing, Committed, Welcoming, Patient and reassuring. Wowsers Lynn your making such a difference.

Redway Rider's Rider goes to Simon Graham. David Howe and Liz Barroeta also picked up votes. Simon loves to get out on that Redway in all weathers and night or day, rain or shine. His rides are always interesting and fun and he has created a faster redway ride too. Respect Simon, well done.

There was one rider who received the 3rd most votes overall across two categories but not enough in each one to in pick up and award. Jim Eastment is a real inspiration and his dedication and commitment puts many to shame. He is a Ride Leader, a mentor and a role model. He puts on endless rides and is a pleasure to ride with. He makes everyone feel welcome and encourages his fellow riders. He is full of support and helps our newcomers to get started. He also an 'energiser bunny'. We just could not let this pass so Jim Eastment also picked up a Rider's Rider award. Woohoo.

Special thank you to the Ride Leader Assistants. Without you our riding groups would be smaller and I know the Ride Leaders love the helping hand.

Special thank you to the Ride Leaders, you guys are amazing and we simply would not a have a club of this size if it was not for your dedication and support.

Special thank you to the Cat Mgrs and Vice Cat Mgrs who have been there every step of the way really pushing to get loads of different rides out week after week.

Special thank you to the Committee for all the hard work behind the scenes moving our growing club forward.

We just had to do a best dressed award. Malcom Murray, always so impeccably dressed, even in his Father Christmas outfit too, nice one Malcolm.

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