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gary stimson

group chairman

My friend Rick and I started off BCG when a medical diagnosis left me unable to drive and I needed to rely on a bike to get around. Initially it was just myself and Rick. However word quickly spread and each week we were joined by more people in the local community who wanted to get out on the local redways, keep fit and have a laugh. We always kept the ethos never leave anyone behind and always have fun - and we still use this now, despite the fact that the group has grown (and continues to grow) larger than we could have ever imagined!


I am immensely proud of what this group has become and it’s all down to the members and their hard work and dedication. It’s shown me that out of something negative you can turn it around and make something positive. I look forward to many more years of success for BCG.

rick vernon

vice chairman

I am the co-founder of BCG and have enjoyed developing BCG from 2 riders in 2013 to over 300 in just 4 years. My ethos is to listen to our riders and provide riding opportunities to support what they want from their cycling. Building a riding community and bringing people together through the love of cycling has been a passion of mine since BCG started. It is the inspirational rider stories that make it all worthwhile for me. I love to hear how well a rider has progressed and believed in themselves to ride further or faster to achieve their goals.


debbie vanner

ride coordinator

I work with porridge and crisps all day and the rest of the time I am on my bike, in the pool, running or at the gym.


I am a qualified Ride Leader through the Sky Ride Leader Programme, which was and still is, with BCG, a great opportunity to share my knowledge and experience and meet cyclists of varying abilities and hopefully help and guide members forward.


I feel that with my experience I can offer differing levels of help within BCG. The most important element is helping riders enjoy cycling, making them feel involved as well as encouraging them to progress. I think this is key to the role and integrating with the different groups allows me to get to know both new and experienced cyclists.


I love the ethos of BCG, the amazing people that I have come across and I hope that I continue to be of value to the group in the coming years.

ann shrimpton

health, safety & wellbeing

I am passionate about cycling and encouraging and supporting others to get into cycling and fall in love with it as I have. I’m also committed to encouraging more women to get into cycling. I’ve been a ride leader with BCG for 2 years, leading in C+ and also Flourish, our introductory development programme.


My official role on the Committee is Health, Safety & Wellbeing, making sure we can all enjoy our rides but be safe at the same time, however, I also get involved in a range of other activities helping to run BCG. I’ve ridden many miles with BCG and made many friends along the way, and welcome all new members who join us.

gary pearson


As many of us do I started cycling as a child loving the freedom and exhilaration riding a bike gives you but other things in life took over and it fell by the wayside.


In 2017 I nervously joined The BCG as a category C rider having heard the club focused very much on the social aspects of cycling whilst also supporting those wanting to improve their fitness and cycling ability. Two years on, I think it's fair to say I'm now half the man I was taking on a number of challenging events and riding lots with the club getting to know like minded people.


I am now a ride leader for the B+ and A category rides and hope to give a little back to the club by taking on the Group Secretary role.  If like myself, you're reading this thinking shall I, shan't I, I'd very much recommend the former, you'll not regret it, it's a wonderful club.


fran hayes

group captain

BCG has also led me to doing things on a bike I never thought I would like a 24 hour track cycling challenge, riding 200 miles in a day and going from London to Cologne on a tandem. When I’m not riding you’ll probably find me in the garage with the spanners and allen keys out! Having seen the club work from the Leaders side (and it wouldn’t work without their dedication) I’m now lucky enough to be able to represent the riders as joint Club Captain. After all without a bunch of amazing riders the leaders would get lonely and have no one to ride with or chat to!

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to make this great club even better or about things you’ve experienced on our rides or simply general things you’d like me to raise at committee on your behalf.


john campbell

sponsorship secretary

I have been riding with BCG since October 2016 and have found a new love of cycling.

I enjoy riding with similar minded riders, ones who like to ride till it hurts and keep pushing!

Being Category A manager for the past 2 years has allowed me to give back to the club and taking on the role as sponsorship secretary means I can help further by working closely with our sponsors to ensure that the club members can make the most from our sponsors and benefit from the superb discounts available.

I have now taken on the role of creating the monthly BCG newsletters too, so keep your eyes on your inbox at the start of each month!

anna zyza


My first recollection of me cycling goes back when I was probably no more than few years old....small green, foldable bike with extra support wheels and a massive smile on my face when I was able to cycle faster than my father's very old and slow tractor.


Well loads has changed since then but I still love cycling for freedom, pleasure and socialising.


In July 2018 my friend introduced me to BCG and I just fell in love with the whole community and I was over the moon when the committee offered me the role of Treasurer.


I am a qualified Accountant working as a Management Accountant for a Swedish owned manufacturer and I am glad that I can put my skills and experience for a such a great group.

Lizzy A

lizzy archer

membership secretary

I have been riding with BCG since September 2018 after being convinced into cycling, becoming a ride leader in Spring 2019, and now ride across a range of categories. More recently I helped lead some rides on the successful Flourish programme and loved seeing new riders develop, and hope as part of the role I can continue to welcome our new riders to the club and help them to find their feet.


Since joining the club I have had many fantastic opportunities and achievements I did not think possible, my first century ride, coaching other riders to their first centuries, cycling to Amsterdam with some of my best friends and discovering the joys of gravel rides!


Outside of cycling I work in the busy world of live events, and I also play ice hockey for Milton Keynes ladies as well as being a qualified referee. I am glad I can give back some of my skills and enthusiasm to help contribute to a great club.


warren preen

group captain

I cycled every day in my teens, even competed and eventually won a cycle-cross race, then it all went to pot until my late 30’s when I got drafted into a London-Brighton ride on a borrowed MTB! A work move to Japan in 2012 fully ignited the flame and I spent 5 years riding up and down mountains every weekend, leading the poor souls of Tokyo Cycling Club up ever steeper inclines! I moved to MK in 2017 not knowing the area at all. I had to be patient learning the region for 18mths before finally getting back to ride leading - something I love!

In 2014 I discovered Zwift and became a beta tester and bought the original KICKR - virtual riding in all its forms has been part of my cycling ever since. I also love building bikes from scratch and am currently into Neo-retro steel frame builds.

If you have any questions on virtual or mechanical aspects of cycling, ask away - in fact any questions cycling related; reach out!


chris shirley

social secretary

I joined BCG about in 2016, cycling was a still a relatively new adventure and I only owned 1 bike - those were the days.


I loved the camaraderie of C+ and was soon volunteered to become and assistant ride leader and the rest as they is history. I was a willing victim in making the transition to ride leader and had a brief spell as Category manager before a change in job made it difficult to continue.


What I love most about BCG is the friendship, support and enjoyment everyone gets from the club. When I joined back in 2016 if someone had said I would be able to ride 60 miles I would have laughed - I have now done many century rides and 200 in a day on Chase the Sun.


As social secretary I am looking to arrange more than just pub nights, so if you have any ideas or would like to be involved in developing off bike social activities let me know.

Broughton, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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