Dec 14, 2018

Push needed


Hello Folks. I’m posting this request at Ann’s suggestion. I am a complete novice and have recently undergone knee surgery before which I was a keen runner wit’s the Redway Runners. (I’m sure I would’ve been in your way on occasion) Running is probably out of the question for me now and cycling has been recommended to me as and ideal way to help with my recovery. However, I would find even these gentler rides of around 10 to15 miles extremely difficult. I wonder if anyone ever does any shorter jaunts of around 5 miles. I would be keen to join in and hopefully after a few rides would be more capable of the longer distances.

David Howe
Dec 14, 2018

Hi, firstly I have no medical training and would defer to anyone with such qualifications. But from my understanding, yes, cycling is a lot easier on the knees than running. For me, my first advice would be to make sure that the bike is adjusted to you very well as the wrong saddle position, for example, could see your knees hurting a lot. The difference between good and bad can be <1cm. My second suggestion would be to start with a bike (for which you have ideally had a proper and full 'bike fit') and a turbo trainer of some sort - ideally in your house or in a garage with a fan heater. That way you can slowly phase the riding in, getting your knees - and the rest of you - used to the exercise. You are also in control of both the ambient temperature (joints can be stiff in the cold) and the load and required effort you need from your knees; you won't suddenly have to climb up an unexpected hill. The best bit of course, is that if your knees to start to hurt more than usual, you don't need rescuing 5 miles from home and instead can just stop and pack it away for the day. Build that up for however long it takes in order to get to the point where you can be confident that it won't hurt you too much for a couple of hours cycling - and then go out on a couple of short real rides yourself. If ok, then look to try us again. Our redway rides could be a good start at that point - but please do check with the leader and share the background/an update before joining any. If you don't want to invest just yet in the bike/professional bike fit then a pay as you go gym might be an alternative start - but again make sure that they know your situation and can give you some guidance as to how to adjust the training bikes and what other equipment to avoid etc.

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