David Howe
Jul 17, 2018

Insect repellant


Hi All. I have had a few redway conversations now with regard to insect repellant so thought I would document my insight.


Up until recently, Avon 'Skin So Soft' was widely regarded as a very successful insect repellant - mostly due to its incorporation of citronella in the ingredients. However for the last year or so people have reported a lot more mixed results - reportedly as a result of the product being changed.

My brother in law - a bio chemist - subsequently did a fair bit of research into repellants for his travels around the world. He didn't want to use DEET, given how unpleasant a chemical it is. (And despite that unpleasantness, Deet doesn't kill mosquito's, they just really don't like the smell). Anyway, as promised this is the link to the product line that he suggested - and which my family now uses:



Unlike Deet based products, they are family friendly, so they can be used on children.

I have used this for each redway ride this year; so far I haven't been bitten at all. We have also used won holidays in Spain and Florida - with great success.


If you have any other similar recommendations for other products that can help whilst cycling, or have comments, please feel free to chip in below :-)

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    Hello Folks. I’m posting this request at Ann’s suggestion. I am a complete novice and have recently undergone knee surgery before which I was a keen runner wit’s the Redway Runners. (I’m sure I would’ve been in your way on occasion) Running is probably out of the question for me now and cycling has been recommended to me as and ideal way to help with my recovery. However, I would find even these gentler rides of around 10 to15 miles extremely difficult. I wonder if anyone ever does any shorter jaunts of around 5 miles. I would be keen to join in and hopefully after a few rides would be more capable of the longer distances.
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    Oct 27, 2018

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