May 10, 2018

BCG Sportive

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Hey guys and gals,


Hope those legs have recovered after the 50k last weekend! Woop woop we did it!! Well done to us all and thanks again to the ride leads and BCG for getting us through it!


Just a quick show of hands of us “mad ones” to see who’s signed up for the 50 mile BCG Sportive this weekend? I assume you’ve all got the email from British Cycling with details of the event? It mentions registration from 07:30, with riders to set off from 09:00. Shall we perhaps bring our meeting time forward slightly from 08:45 to maybe 08:15 (still meeting at the BCG meetup point), just to cater for anyone who’s a little late, find parking and then allows us to get over there with plenty of time for us all to register ahead of 9am? Also might be nice to speak with other riders doing the Sportive when we shoot across and get some last minute tips.


Just a thought, happy to go with the majority.


BRING ON THE 50 MILESSSS!! We’ve got this!!!


Dolores :)

Rafael Alanis
May 11, 2018

Hi Dolores, I think that is a good idea as it might be quite busy around the start point. I was planning to go earlier, get registered and then go to the meeting point but happy to meet at 8:15 and register all together.

...10 degrees forecasted at 9 am. on Sunday and won't go above 14, better to bring my leg warmers...

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  • Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
    Jun 16, 2018

    another fab 4 weeks another 14 amazing Flourish graduates......
  • Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
    Oct 29

    Next pub social is 15th June, details here https://www.meetup.com/BroughtonCyclingGroup/events/251310922/ I've just invited the current Flourishers and thought it would be nice to welcome all Flourish graduates, chance to meet each other, swap stories as well as get to know others in BCG. See you there! Cheers, Ann
  • Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
    Jun 2, 2018

    was talking with some of you today about buying bikes, this might be a good event to visit and get some advice and thoughts..... up at the bike bus https://www.facebook.com/bg.bikes.me/posts/1719025641486342

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