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Discussions between riders in the flourish and introduction categories.

Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
Oct 15

 We support riders to build their confidence riding in a group on the road as well as build up to a distance of 50km over 4 rides in a month. The same group progresses together so as to support e
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
6 days ago

congrats to the 14 amazing cyclists who graduated from Flourish, today 5 May, 2018.
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
Jun 16, 2018

another fab 4 weeks another 14 amazing Flourish graduates......
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
May 27, 2018

Well done everyone! 👍👍
David Mason
May 13, 2018

I just wanted to say how impressive it was to see so many of you literally hurtling around the course on the sportive today. Well done everyone... well deserved medals! 50 km to 50 miles in one week..
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
May 9, 2018

Got this email today with specific reference to Flourish, something for you to consider. Might be fun. Cheers, Ann Dear Sir/Madam, We have received your email about the BCG couch to 50k programme, and
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
May 7, 2018

Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
May 2, 2018

These 5 amazing women graduated from Flourish last year, and last weekend completed 143 miles of cycling in miserable weather conditions. They were all incredible and an extraordinary inspiration to c
Gary Stimson
Mar 14, 2018

See here for the latest information pack on starting to ride with BCG.
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
Oct 29

Next pub social is 15th June, details here https://www.meetup.com/BroughtonCyclingGroup/events/251310922/ I've just invited the current Flourishers and thought it would be nice to welcome all Flourish
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
Jun 2, 2018

was talking with some of you today about buying bikes, this might be a good event to visit and get some advice and thoughts..... up at the bike bus https://www.facebook.com/bg.bikes.me/posts/17190256
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
May 13, 2018

i was so chuffed to see so many of you out today on the sportive, and so many smiles.... thanks to meera for the pics....
May 11, 2018

Hey guys and gals, Hope those legs have recovered after the 50k last weekend! Woop woop we did it!! Well done to us all and thanks again to the ride leads and BCG for getting us through it! Just a qui
Ann Kiceluk-Shrimpton
May 8, 2018

Here's what some previous participants have said about BCG's Flourish programme "I can honestly say that the BCG Flourish changed my life for the better. I'm having great exercise and good times”, Lyn
May 6, 2018

Hi lovely guys and gals!! So on Tuesday I jumped up to being a super duper rider and became the proud owner of a posh new bike. But that means my old bike is going to be sad and lonely, and need a ne

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