our flourish programme

Flourish is BCG’s Introductory programme. We support riders to build on their cycling skills and gain confidence riding in a group on the road as well as build up to a distance of 50km over 4 rides in a month. The same group progresses together so as to support each other on their journey. We build up to the 50km gradually and we also have a coffee stop around half way around. A variety of ride leaders take part throughout the programme to support you and answer any questions you may have, from bikes, clothing, nutrition – in fact, anything cycling related.


Some of the past participants of Flourish have said:


“Taking part in Flourish gave me a foundation to build on. I’m more confident on the roads and riding in groups, I’m also enjoying meeting new people. We’ve improved as cyclists and achieved a distance that I thought was near impossible. In addition to that I’ve found a love of cycling.” Steph


“I loved the BCG couch to 50k programme. You get an awful lot for 4 weeks and the end result is a fantastic pay off. You are introduced to experienced leaders who are never short on encouragement and suggestions. You meet other friendly cycling-minded people who are also interested in either getting back into cycling or starting out for the first time--- so all levels are welcomed. Then there's the CAKE.... little stops incorporated into each ride giving a great opportunity to ask any questions and just simply top up your energy levels. So, if you are looking for a group to ride to explore the lovely countryside and improve your levels and confidence... Look no further than the BCG Couch to 50k Flourish Rides.” Ruth


“I can honestly say that the BCG Flourish changed my life for the better. I'm having great exercise and good times”. Lynn


Email flourish@broughtoncyclinggroup.co.uk for more information.