riding with bcg through COVID -  updated 10.03.21 

Here at BCG we are following the latest Government rules.


Currently as a result of the latest guidance all types of club riding and events are suspended.

We’ve heard from British Cycling that from 29th March 2021 club rides can recommence and the exact rules will be clarified around the 22nd March 2021. For now though BCGs plan as of the 29th March 2021 is that club rides, adhoc rides and bubble rides will recommence with a maximum number of 6 participants. We understand this is less than the British Cycling 15 attendees for affiliated clubs. However with most of our rides being social in nature and by canvasing feedback from our leaders and riders we will first start back to club riding with 6. Please see below for a timeline to when club activities will commence:

  • 29th March - Groups of 6 can ride in bubble or adhoc rides and club organised rides of up to 6 will commence.

  • 12th April - Cafes will be allowed to serve outside again with table service. Thus organised club rides with official cafe stops can commence.

  • 17th May - Ride numbers can be increased to the maximum number of 12. Cafes will be allowed to serve inside.

  • 21st June - All Covid and social restrictions will be lifted and riding will be following standard BCG guidelines.

Please bear in mind that these timelines and expectations may change and will be continually reviewed. BCG can only exist thanks to our leaders and organisers and it down to when they are comfortable that rides will be hosted. Any major announcements as well as our updated guidance for leaders and riders will be posted on the BCG Forum and over email to our members.

Broughton, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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