riding with bcg through COVID -  updated 12.05.21 

Here at BCG we are following the latest Government rules.


From 17th May 2021 club rides will be allowed to be run at full capacity (8 riders with one leader and 12 riders with one leader and one assistant). When meeting at cafe stops and the meeting point please keep to social distancing and a maximum of 30 outside. 

 Please see below for a timeline to when club activities will commence:

  • 29th March - Groups of 6 can ride in bubble or adhoc rides and club organised rides of up to 6 will commence.

  • 12th April - Cafes will be allowed to serve outside again with table service. Thus organised club rides with official cafe stops can commence.

  • 17th May - Ride numbers can be increased to the maximum number of 12. Cafes will be allowed to serve inside. Maximum of 30 can meet outside.

  • 21st June - All Covid and social restrictions will be lifted and riding will be following standard BCG guidelines.

Please bear in mind that these timelines and expectations may change and will be continually reviewed. BCG can only exist thanks to our leaders and organisers and it down to when they are comfortable that rides will be hosted. Any major announcements as well as our updated guidance for leaders and riders will be posted on the BCG Forum and over email to our members.

Here at BCG we are following the latest Government rules and British Cycling Guidance with regards to group riding through COVID. We ask that every rider choosing to ride with us, takes their own responsibility to follow these guidelines too.


We currently have 3 ways to ride with us:


  1. BCG Official Group Rides - Hosted by a trained Ride Leader where any member can come along, subject to availability maximum group size is 6.

  2. BCG Bubble Rides - If you prefer to only ride with people you know and trust, use the BCG Bubbles page to leave your details, allowing you or others to connect and ride together. As these rides are arranged yourself, they may not have a Ride Leader. 

  3. Ad-Hoc Rides - where anyone heading out for a cycle, who is happy to ride with anyone, can ask if anyone else wants to join them. These are unlikely to have a Ride Leader.


The following guidance is for our Official Group Rides however many of these principles can be applied whenever you are riding with BCG:


What extra measures are there due to COVID?

We simply ask that riders adhere to the law, Government and British Cycling guidance.

  • By joining our rides (via Meet Up), you’ll be confirming that to the best of your knowledge you and your own contacts are COVID clear. If you have any doubts please don’t sign up.

  • We expect all riders to observe social distancing guidance and the rule of six at the Meet point and all stops. We know it will be tempting to chat to other BCGers you see but please don’t. As well as being illegal to mix with more than 5 others, it reflects badly on BCG and cyclists in general.

  • Riding in and out of Tier areas should be planned cautiously and within the guidelines. You should not stop in a Tier 3 area or travel to a Tier 3 area to start a ride.

  • Please don’t expect other riders to repair your bike, fix punctures, etc. You can ask but we should not be touching other riders equipment. If they refuse then please be understanding. This may lead to you having to find your own way home.

  • More than ever please respect any instructions the Ride Leader gives, they have your best interests at heart and as volunteers themselves also want to enjoy the ride. If you feel their  requests are unreasonable then you’re of course free to leave the ride.

  • It’s also more important than ever that you’re confident you could find your way home if you had to. So we ask you to download the route on your bike computer if you have one or have maps on your phone or simply be familiar with where you are cycling.


How many official rides will there be?

  • Our trained Ride Leaders are all volunteers and have their own views on COVID. Not all are ready to lead official rides just yet, so the number of rides available may be fewer than normal. 

How will official rides work? 

  • Rides for the weekend will be posted (via Meet Up) no earlier than the Monday before the ride and they’ll be closed on the Thursday evening to help Ride Leaders and riders plan.

  • To remain legal, current rules mean Ride Leaders can only take another 5 riders with them but we encourage anyone who wants to ride to join the wait list.

  • If rides are oversubscribed the Ride Leader will try and find another leader. Riders should hear on Friday if they have a place…….BUT we’ll be encouraging those who signed up and aren’t on the official ride to chat and arrange their own ad hoc / bubble ride using the messenger function on Meet Up.

  • We hope that this means everyone who would like to get out on a group ride will be able to one way or another.